Gnowbe: Agile for Business (regular price: $149)

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Gnowbe: Agile for Business (regular price: $149)

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Program Introduction

'Agile for Business' for non-technical people is designed to give you a broad introduction to Agile principles, methods, roles and leadership. This program is targeted at those working in areas related to technology, but that may not be working directly on the technology themselves (e.g. programming, software development). 

While Agile is closely related to technology and software, its principles are also broadly applicable beyond technology. After taking 'Agile for Business,' you should be able to recognize the benefits of Agile for technology teams and for other types of organisations. You should also be able to apply and benefit from the flexibility of using Agile methods in your own work.  

This program is completely hosted on Gnowbe, a mobile micro-learning app that is available on Apple iOS and Android. It provides bite-sized content (10-15 minutes per day) and includes experiential learning actions using multiple media like personal reflections, peer to peer learning through team chats, articles, videos, and out-of-app actions to deepen learning. 

It's the first app of its kind where learning is made tangible through practice and application. It's self-paced so you can learn at your own pace. It takes about 10-15 minutes a day and on average 1-2 months to complete one program. The digital Certificate of Completion can be shared on your LinkedIn profile.

What does this program include?

  • Introduction to basic Agile principles, methods, roles and leadership including Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean, and SAFe
  • Number of sessions = 20
  • Number of actions = 89

Who is the program designed for?

  • Non-technical people working in technology related areas, functions or industries
  • Consultants and business people working in software companies or technology departments
  • Those who would like to better understand how to apply Agile principles to their work or personal life

What will you take away?

  • Recognize the benefits of Agile for technology teams as well as other types of organisations
  • How to apply Agile methods in your work and personal life
  • Opportunity to meet and share with other people globally taking the program
  • Opportunity to interact with expert curator
  • Digital certificate you can display on your LinkedIn profile

About Expert Curator: John Okoro

John Okoro is a global expert on Agile. He began his career with Accenture and has nearly two decades of experience leading technology projects. John founded Agile Services practices in the US and Asia, and has led executive education and Agile training sessions in corporations across multiple industries with clients such as Disney. John is a frequent conference speaker and the author of the AuspiciousAgile.com blogs on agile methods. John has a BS Cum Laude from UC Irvine, an MBA from UCLA, and a JD. John is a CSP & SPC.

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